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We do not believe that one internal audit solution fits all companies. Our approach rather, is that each assignment begins with a full understanding of the organizations’ specific objectives and needs.

By working with our clients and understanding how their business operates, together we identify the business risks that need to be managed, and are critical to their business.

The internal audit team assigns then makes the necessary contracts, and gains an understanding of how the system operates and how decisions are made, and communicated within the organization.

Once an audit program has been agreed on, the conduct scope, and objectives of the audit are planned.Necessary reporting is communicated to the relevant heads of sections and senior management within their organization.

This provides management with the opportunity to understand the scope of the audit and to increase it, if possible, to ensure that all-relevant aspects have been covered.

From there the internal auditor is able to evaluate the controls and design tests to assess the degree to which such controls are in operation. Procedures can also be objectively assessed to ascertain whether or not they are efficient and economical.

By outsourcing the job you are only paying for hours worked. There is no idle time. There is no other resource cost for training; equipment; office space …etc.

Outsourcing provides an optimal solution all the time. It is becoming obvious that in today’s competitive world all units and functions within an organization, including internal audit, should contribute to adding value.

Our approach is extensive, encompassing financial, operational, and compliance audit. It can be a substitute for or a supplement to your own in-house facility.

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