Professional Services

Accounting services

1- Accounting systems and internal control systems:
This includes all required manuals on the internal control procedures and documentation on the following:

  • Structure of the chart of accounts.
  • Internal control systems.
  • Labour control.
  • Cash procedures control.

2- Book keeping services
We can provide our clients with the book keeping services using a staff specialized in either computerized systems or manual book keeping systems. This service includes:

  • Accounting records according to the Egyptian laws .
  • Implementation of reports.
  • Preparation of the reports required for the management of the company including monthly trial balances, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Also we can provide our client with the advisory services on any accounting computer package.

3- BAny special reporting task on the accounts
This service includes special reports required by our clients upon investigation of specific accounts, Banks interests charged to the overdraft accounts, and any reports required to be discussed with third parties.

Main Services
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